The New Self Defense

About Protective Offense

Protective Offense connects Self Defense, Leadership and Self Help. Protective Offense is the new self-defense and empowerment paradigm for women who want to revel in the chess game of life, use emotions wisely, see conflict as opportunity and raise productive, resilient children who are unlikely to become victims or criminals.

Available programs include Lunch Hour Threat Assessment Workshops (email us for information on Corporate and Small Group options), a DVD and CD. Don’t forget to check our Resources section.

Coming soon… the revamped Online Course, ebook and fitness classes!

Conflict Research Group Int’l

CRGI is a resource for instructors, martial artists and knowledge-seekers. It is the result of an alliance between highly trained individuals with very different viewpoints and experiences but a common commitment to expanding awareness and educating people about all aspects of interpersonal conflict and violence.

The self-defense, martial arts, professional security, and anti-violence industry is rife with misinformation, self-serving agendas, tribal thinking, ideological wars, and down right lousy information.  CRGI will counter some of that by providing a comprehensive source for the fearless truth.

The Protective Offense Mission

To reinvent Self Defense as Protective Offense – problem solving and conflict management first, then smart physical self defense – for women, families and populations who need it most.  To create a series of life tools that can be learned and practiced in collaboration with kids and family by way of live and online workshops, video, audio, books and games, so self defense works better for everyone and parents can protect themselves against considerable odds and raise strong, productive children who will never be victims or criminals.

“The Devi DVD is a college course in self-defense… so impressive in scope and depth and with such an acute understanding of women’s issues. [It] will be my gift to every woman I know.”

~ Belisa Vranich, Clinical Psychologist, Author and Founder of The Breathing Class