10 Things About Being A Mom

10 Things About Being A Mom That Make Protecting Yourself More Difficult:

  1. As a woman, you are already likely to be smaller and/or
  2. Weaker than your potential opponent. That’s why he chose you.
  3. As if this isn’t enough of a handicap, at least one arm and
  4. half your brain is dedicated to the needs of another, more fragile person who needs you 24/7. This level of responsibility and multi-tasking put you in a state of Mental Exhaustion which causes distraction and makes you vulnerable to accidents.
  5. Strollers and carriers are cumbersome and unwieldy
  6. Kids are distracting in many ways. They cry, scream, ask questions, and get hungry while your crossing a six lane road. Even when they don’t do this we are concerned about them. Did we bring this or that? Are they warm enough? Too warm?
  7. There are many other distractions of daily life. Some women are responsible for everything pertaining to the home. Some women work as well. Some women are single mothers. (Though there are more single fathers today than ever before single moms are still a much more common occurrence thanks to biology.)
  8. Mom’s carry a lot of crap! Babies come with stuff… I am not a shopper or a hoarder and I was determined to keep the baby stuff to an absolute minimum… but, alas, diapers, cream, extra clothes, strollers, carriers, etc. Sometimes I feel like a bag lady, carrying my entire existence with me everywhere I go.
  9. To add insult to injury, most new moms are sleep deprived. Some of us only get 2 or 3 hours of sleep at a time for months. My son didn’t regularly sleep through the night until he was three. Our Mommy bodies compensate in some ways, but I think it’s safe to say that we aren’t working at optimal speed or awareness. Everyone in this country is theoretically sleep deprived to some degree, but rarely so badly and for such a long run as when we have new babies. I won’t even go into eating habits. (Some women even go so far as to eat some of what the baby eats. Pureed bananas anyone? Yum!)
  10. Criminals are nothing if not opportunists. The combination of these things form a single loud and potent attractor for criminals. You’re playing their song.

Think about this when you’re out and about. Stay safe and happy!

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