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10 Things About Being A Mom

10 Things About Being A Mom That Make Protecting Yourself More Difficult: As a woman, you are already likely to be smaller and/or Weaker than your potential opponent. That’s why he chose you. As if this isn’t enough of a handicap, at least one arm and half your brain is dedicated to the needs of another, more fragile person who needs […]

Us or Them

Where does the “Us” or “Them” mentality originate? There’s an evolutionary predisposition to put the needs, ideas and rules or your group first so that you band together, feed and protect each other. But where does this protection mechanism take us over the line and become prejudice? Could any of us discriminate against anyone different in […]

Ted Tip – On Being Wrong

Perhaps one of the most important yet invisible techniques of self defense (protective offense) is understanding the ins and outs of your own powers of perception and learning to trust your instincts. I think it’s crucial to examine our own minds and decision-making processes otherwise the result is a false sense of empowerment, false sense of […]