Let this be a very sad reminder that you cannot just walk blindly into a situation in progress and “help” without a plan….

A Student Has Died After She Confronted A Group Of Men Harassing Teenage Girls

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You must call for back up first, find another way of helping from afar (hitting the firealarm or yelling “police” from down the hall possibly, if you don’t have a cell phone and can’t get others to back you up.) Or – and I’m sure I’ll take slack for this – stay out. It’s no help to anyone for you to raise the body count.

In some situations joining in on a potentially violent encounter can turn it from bad to worse. And once you step in, you are in the soup and there’s no turning back.

If you do get involved, watch your back until you are out of range. Don’t be blind. People who have the time and inclination to corner and verbally or otherwise abuse easy targets are perfectly capable of doing the same to you.

Don’t get yourself into something you can’t get out of – even if it is the “right thing to do”. Have a plan. Sad, but true. In this case, very, very sad. Thanks Erik Kondo of

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