Us or Them

Where does the “Us” or “Them” mentality originate? There’s an evolutionary predisposition to put the needs, ideas and rules or your group first so that you band together, feed and protect each other. But where does this protection mechanism take us over the line and become prejudice? Could any of us discriminate against anyone different in […]

Ted Tip – On Being Wrong

Perhaps one of the most important yet invisible techniques of self defense (protective offense) is understanding the ins and outs of your own powers of perception and learning to trust your instincts. I think it’s crucial to examine our own minds and decision-making processes otherwise the result is a false sense of empowerment, false sense of […]

Self Defense To Go: Car Talk

LOCK YOUR CAR DOOR FIRST THING I know, I know! You’re thinking, why do you keep harping on this petty stuff! Because it’s easy and it’s a win, win! Get into the very simple habit of locking your car door as soon as you get in and politely asking riders to do the same. Not […]

Disability Trolls

Erik Kondo of strikes again for Women’s Self Defense. Erik created a site to warn women with disabilities about online predators. Today he wrote: “Less than two years ago, a 15 year old girl was involved in a terrible car accident. Her Dad was killed. Her brother suffered major organ damage. She broke her back […]