Protective Offense connects Self Defense, Leadership and Self Help.

Protective Offense is an ongoing project.
Ultimately the Mission of Protective Offense is to fuse self defense and personal security with
Leadership, Empowerment and Self Help in comprehensive, scientifically and psychologically based programs
that involve training for high-speed problem solving, self and situational awareness, boundary-setting, emergency management,
conflict resolution, leadership skills and targeted physical answers to violence for women and families.



(Corporate and Small Groups):
Threat Assessment is designed to give women the cliff notes on what to watch for and how to avoid danger based on their individual profile.
It covers: The Self Defense Continuum, Basic Violence Dynamics and Pre-Assault Indicators.

DVD and CD

The Devi DVD is a comprehensive starter program for women.
The Mommy & Me Audio CD and downloads (iTunes and Amazon) are for new moms.


~ The revamped Get Offensive Online Course (formerly Secrets of Women’s Self Defense)

~ Mommy & Me Self Defense Ebook

~ Devi & Goliath ebook

~ Protective Offense fitness classes

I have no hidden agenda. It is my mission to help people – women especially – see how learning to protect yourself and your children sets the stage for self reliance and the realization of dreams”  ~ Teja VanWicklen

Benefits of Learning and Teaching Protective Offense:

  • Learn simple tools for understanding crime, like The Self Defense Continuum (pictured left)
  • Speak the language of violence so you can avoid it rather than escape from it. Learn the difference between Process and Resource Predators, what to expect, what to do, what not to.
  • Learn more about the mental and physical nature of self defense in a real world context.
  • Reexamine the techniques most often used in self defense to be sure they are the best possible choices for your body, physical shortcomings or disabilities, skill level, lifestyle, etc.
  • Explore ways to protect your children and your home.
  • Gain a working knowledge of key Legal issues pertaining to self defense, like Preclusion.
  • Learn tools for dealing with catastrophic adversity.
  • Raise girls who will never present themselves as unsuspecting victims.
  • Raise boys who will never victimize women and who will act if they see it happening.
  • Learn the criteria to evaluate self defense courses so you can make educated decisions about who to trust. (If you’re an instructor, you are showing your students and potential students that you are not afraid to have your course evaluated in a knowledgeable way, which shows confidence and instills trust.)