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PressSlider-HeadShotTeja Van Wicklen is a 30-year veteran martial artist with a broad background. She’s dabbled in a number of martial arts and skill sets, including Taekwondo, Taichi, Kali, edged weapons, wilderness survival and firearms. She was a personal trainer for 15 years, and briefly a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

In 2009 Teja found herself pregnant and on bed rest.  After several surgeries and some extenuating circumstances, she felt weak and ill-equipt to care for her infant. Teja began to question her training and formulated the idea for a new paradigm of self defense that spoke directly to those who needed it most: women, moms, seniors, the disabled. The idea evolved as she grew into motherhood and continued to ask herself questions like how she would fend off an attacker with her infant in a sling or a stroller.

In the beginning, Teja focused on the physical techniques which had always seemed built for someone larger or taller or someone with longer arms. But since a woman with a baby needs something closer to a miracle to protect her from three attackers with weapons, Teja’s view of what she was calling Protective Offense grew into a 360 degree view of how we move through the world. She now collaborates with an international group of martial arts and conflict resolution analysts, called Conflict Research Group, International, to navigate the dark and labyrinthian territory of conflict, predator and victim mindsets, social and asocial violence and the rest.

Teja’s vision of a new self defense is family oriented. She sees it as a series of life tools that can be learned, practiced and played along with children, by way of audio, games, video and live and online workshops. The focus is on helping families protect themselves and each other while raising strong, productive children who will never be victims or criminals. ~ Read Complete Bio

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“We need Protective Offense – and all that supports the objective and dream of personal responsibility and safety- to go viral…. I for one am so glad I signed up. I find the whole psychological  side of Protective Offense fascinating and informative. I’m learning so much and I love it!”

AlannahStudent of The Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

“Wow! This took a turn I didn’t think it would. This effective communication issue is such a big thing…. Thanks for bringing it into our conscious…. What a lesson already!”

JanetStudent of The Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense