for busy women and moms
who always intend to learn some self defense,
but are never able to find the time.

OMG! Teja, your first lesson actually had me in stitches! I had kombucha come out my nose!

…Lesson 2 was great!
I’m going to be listening to it again and again this week.

Deloris Del Rio, Student of The Secrets of Women’s Self Defense Course
“[Teja] works mental and physical skills. She does not tell students the answers, but gives them lists of options. The students work it out: What could I do? Where does that choice naturally lead? [She] has created teaching that resonates”

Rory Miller,
Author of Meditations On Violence
“Thank you for your comment on comparing [emotionally volatile people] to natural disasters. I find this comment very useful – ‘…if you look at someone like that as a tornado, you take cover or get out of the way and don’t feel anything’ [overreact]. Much thanks!”
Siobhan Parde, Student of The Secrets of Women’s Self Defense Course
  • What if Self Defense Held the Key to a More Empowered, Secure, Dynamic and Stress-free Existence?
  • What if girls learned to depend on their own senses and knowledge early on instead of leaving it to ‘authority figures’ to watch their backs? 
  • What if any potentially physical altercation could be seen long before it became a danger?
  • What if every verbal altercation was an opportunity for you to test your savvy and skills as a problem solver and to create your desired outcome?

Course Objectives:

The ultimate objective of the course is give women the tools, not only to be safer, but to become leaders by better understanding and controlling their place in the general hierarchy of life, thereby slowing the global cycle of discrimination and violence against women and children that prevents women from taking an equal role in the world.

Head Instructor Teja VanWicklen sees self defense as the new mindset for modern women. In studying our reactions to fear and adversity she shows us that we can tap into our deepest emotional and physical reactions and learn to have more control over every aspect of daily life.

About the Course

The Secrets of Women’s Self Defense is a one-of-a-kind, 14 week, online self defense workshop, created by Head Instructor, Teja Van Wicklen to reinvent women’s self defense as safety and life skills towards true empowerment from the inside out.

The workshop will cover a wide range of mental and physical self defense skills as well as ways to choose a martial arts or self defense class for you or your family should you wish to.

Teja believes that self defense needs to take into account elements of women’s lives like clothing, pregnancy and life style that have previously been ignored. She sees self defense as a microscope with which to view the underlying nature of life so women can make better choices rather than just following rules, schedules, emotions and other people.

  • 12 lessons with assignment
  • Tests and Final Exam
  • PDF handouts and visual tools
  • Social forum where you can interact with Teja, other students and high level Guest Instructors with unusual experience and insight into women’s self defense
What to Expect:

Women who complete this program and the Action Steps can expect to feel they know something others don’t; they can expect to see, hear and feel their instincts working for them like a sixth sense. A woman who absorbs these lessons will understand the mechanics of crime in a way that makes her a harder target. She will understand the three elements that allow a crime to happen, the little things that are precursors to crime and her own behavioral traits that may attract deviant behavior.

In addition she can expect to learn about her own mind, and ways she can chose her own behavior based on desired outcome rather than following rules or emotions.

In effect, a women who completes this course will have taken the first major step towards the kind of empowerment that comes from the inside. Something people talk about but rarely understand or deliver.


14 week session, including 1 introduction week and one Final Exam week.


The Secrets of Women’s Self Defense Online Course is designed to help you:
  • Recognize the tells and tricks of emotionally unstable people and hardened criminals.
  • Understand the kinds of self defense techniques that give you the best chances if confronted by multiple attackers.
  • Confront your fear of weapons and learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do if faced with a gun or edged weapon.
  • Use your mastery of comfortable daily activities to inform your physical self defense.
  • Learn how to thwart the most common attacks on busy, exhausted women and moms.
  • Learn techniques to help you maintain your cool and navigate confusion and shock under duress.
  • Become part of the solution by educating other women and young girls about the crucial mental aspects of self defense.
  • Learn how to stay off the danger radar as much as possible.
  • Raise boys who will never victimize women and who will act if they see it happening.
  • Raise girls who will never present themselves as unsuspecting victims.
  • Learn to evaluate self defense courses and vet instructors so you can make educated decisions about who to trust with your training.
  • Be aware of some of the legal ramifications of defending yourself. Learn how to talk to police and other authorities.