Self Defense To Go: Car Talk




I know, I know! You’re thinking, why do you keep harping on this petty stuff!

Because it’s easy and it’s a win, win!

Get into the very simple habit of locking your car door as soon as you get in and politely asking riders to do the same. Not a minute later or after you put your seat belt on – sit, shut the door, lock it.

It isn’t about paranoia, but creating smart habits that lighten your mental load.

If you understand how predators think, and also if you look at the statistics, you’ll see the logic in this tip. If someone gets into your car next to you and puts a gun or knife in your side, you are in a very bad spot, even if the streets are filled with people. Same if he shows you a gun on the driver’s side.

So, lock your door. There’s no down side.


Next, learn how to change a tire. Find someone to teach you who you don’t mind spending an hour with getting dirty. Did I just say that?

Know where your equipment is! Your jack and your lug wrench. Throw in an old towel to sit on in case you’re dressed for work, etc. Keep these things in the car.

Lug nuts can sometimes be too tight. Figure out how to use leverage to loosen them. But be careful. Get even, don’t get mad. Lug nuts have a way of winning arguments. Get the wrench on the nut and then stand up and use your foot  to put pressure on it. Another reason to wear proper shoes and carry the nice ones with you.

Be very careful about where you put the jack! Ask your mechanic or someone you really trust where it should go on your car!


(See the picture at the top of the page)

Use this link to build yourself a Car-Ten. You will find all the info you need on what to keep in your car in case of emergency.

Ride On!


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