“… so frickin’ fantastic! Thank you for this course! I LOVE it. I am going to recommend this to all  my grrls, even all the tough ones.  Happy happy happy to be here.”
Deloris Del RioStudent of The SecretsOf Women’s Self Defense
“We need Protective Offense… to go viral!”
Alannah ThorpStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense
“…The Devi DVD is a college course in self-defense… so impressive in scope and depth and with an acute understanding of women’s issues. [It] will be my gift to every woman I know.”
Belisa VranichClinical Psychologist, Author, Presenter
“Wow! This took a turn I didn’t think it would. This effective communication issue is such a big thing…. Thanks for bringing it into our conscious…. What a lesson already!”
Janet IrwinStudent of The Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense
“Devi should be required for every young female college student or mother-to-be. If every woman watched this video even once, there would be a lot less for me to do.”
Colin RyanSpecial Investigations Unit for a suburban P.A. police dept.
“Really thought provoking, interesting stuff here – thanks for the clarity!”
Tara VennStudent of The Secrets of Women’s Self Defense

OMG! Teja, your first lesson actually had me in stitches! I had kombucha come out my nose! …Lesson 2 was great… I’m going to be listening to it again and again this week. …There is a LOT of info, but it’s really important…to know in understanding the big picture, not just the few seconds in an initial attack…”

“It’s so much easier for me to understand how someone as intelligent and experienced as I am to have been caught. I totally second guess myself when all my danger receptors are going off. I have literally gotten myself into life threatening situations because I didn’t want to believe what I was feeling and didn’t want to be mean, in case I was wrong. Which I wasn’t.”

“…I’ve learned a lot, far more than I ever thought I would. This information is critical to all women, especially mothers. This more than any other course I’ve taken since my divorce has motivated me to change for the better. …I LOVE this! …Thank you again to Teja, Erik and the whole team.” ~ Deloris Del Rio

Deloris DelRioStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

“Teja makes it personal, makes it real. [She] has created teaching that resonates.”

Excerpt from Rory’s Blog: “There are aspects of problems that [as a man] I can never fully understand. We are all wired differently, all have different experiences. Teja is fast becoming my Subject Matter Expert for women’s self-defense issues. Partially because she sees it so clearly but even more because she can explain it in a way that gets through…

Teja talks of consequences: “She tries to fight, but that first hit is half power… more struggling than fighting and he hits her back, hard. She’s never felt pain like that and she is afraid to try again… and he says, ‘Just don’t fight me and I won’t hurt you.’ She has to believe it because it seems like the only chance she has is to believe he is telling the truth.

Teja understands her vulnerability [as a woman] and faces it square on. She is a trained and efficient Sayoc Kali fighter. But she doesn’t look at things just through that lens. She works mental and physical skills. She thinks about protecting her child. She does not tell students the answers, but gives them lists of options. The students work it out: What could I do? Where does that choice naturally lead? [She] has created teaching that resonates”

Rory MillerAuthor of Meditaions on Violence and Facing Violence

“The concept of “ignorance is bliss” implies that by not knowing, you are relieved of the burden of having to be responsible for what you know. If we want to improve our health and well-being, we have to be willing to look at, discuss and find solutions for things that are not comfortable to acknowledge or face. Thank you for being here and helping to make change possible.”

Tera WarnerCreator of the W.I.S.H Summit

“Just have to say, this is amazing.  It will take me a lifetime to study, learn, absorb and use the material you have put together.  Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.  It’s clearly a labor of love for all of you. I will refer everyone I know with any interest in ANY of your topics.”

Tony Muhlenkamp

I for one am so glad I signed up. I find the whole psychological side of Protective Offense fascinating and informative.”

I’m learning so much and I love it! And it’s not just the course content itself that is great, it’s the interaction with everyone in the Facebook group, the discussions, the disagreements, the different points of views and life experiences, the feedback, the support…and the fun as well!”

One of the many great things about this Protective Offense course is that it can benefit everyone – regardless of how strong or weak you think you are, regardless of your health, weight or physical ability or disability; regardless of your cultural background, and perhaps even regardless of your gender…. Thanks Teja.”

Alannah ThorpStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

“I want to tell you that I love, love, love the Devi video. We currently run a small martial arts (I.M.P.A.C.T Athletes) school as a family and really enjoy having the means to work as a team in any situation. Peace of mind is so great to have. Your video has helped me to think situations through. I watched it in it’s entirety with a few friends of mine, all girls, and encouraged them to buy it as well. What made me think to finally contact you, was that I heard from one of my friends, just the other day, that her sister ordered it and has been sharing it with all the important women in her life and is saying the same thing I have been. Encouraging them to keep these simple things in mind when out and about, or just to buy the DVD.  …It made me feel good to share this with my friends and family. what you have put together has been touching the lives of so many.”

Instructor Eloy QuintinI.M.P.A.C.T Athletes

Hi Teja, I just want to say after listening to your talk on WISH… I ordered your DVD. Thank You for your valuable information

PamelaWISH Summit Listener

Wow, these are amazingly insightful comments [on the Secrets Private Facebook page]. I’m going to think about this and write later. Maybe I’ll bring it up at my next meeting at The Healing Center. Thank you for this thread…tearing up at the fact that you guys care so much.”

Michelle AcaciaStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

… I LOVED this weeks training with Teja. She brought up so many things I’d never thought about – like [the ways] little girls are taught to ‘hang back’ and little boys become more equipped to deal with aggression even at a young age… this is so true! very good info, Teja, am looking forward to the next session!”

Chere HarbridgeStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

Thank you for your comment on comparing [emotionally volatile people] to natural disasters. I find this comment very useful and will keep it in mind: ‘if you look at someone like that as a tornado, you take cover or get out of the way and don’t feel anything’ [overreact]. Much thanks!”

Siobhan PardeStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

Teja and Tera [Warner] thank you for this eye opening call! I love how Teja said she is on a mission to help us face our fears, something for all of us to think through. How many of us go through our days so unaware of all that goes on around us and the signals we put out. Yes, Tera! you’re so amazing when you said we have the right not to have our space interfered with! It’s time to claim our boundaries for sure! I certainly will be talking with my daughter about awareness and personal responsibility….. thanks for being so candid with us Teja, so empowering!

WISH Summit Listener

The imagery in this call was necessary. Tough to listen to, but necessary. I tell my kid that the only time it’s ok to bite or kick is when someone is trying to hurt her, but do I have the strength to take my own advice, should the worst happen? Like Tera [Warner, founder of WISH], I live in the country, am often alone with my kid at home, and need to have the knowledge and skills to take care of us.

WISH Summit Listener

I loved this call, loved it. I listened to it a 2 x in a row and felt so great to have things that I’ve said or thought be brought up by another professional mother. She’s right. What works man against man is not necessarily going to work woman against man.”

WISH Summit Listener

I love the quote Teja shared about “the worst thing to do is nothing at all”, I love that she teaches more about planning ahead and being proactive. My husband is in law enforcement, and I know from personal experience that we need to be aware of the surroundings when about. I always hope for the best and plan for the worst. I am so glad that Teja was able to share these skills in a positive way. The more we talk about this, the less taboo it will become. She was awesome, straight to the point, and brought a lot to this summit!

WISH Summit Listener

I love the way [Teja] spoke about the criminal mindset, because I have thought that way for years, living in extremely hostile environments (I was in a house that had a drive-by shooting, the shooters hit the wrong house!) as that was the way I had to think to keep my little 5’2″ 120lb self out of a dumpster. Her points about how predators see women with children was so important. Her take on diffusion of responsibility was fabulous.

WISH Summit Listener

“Teja has a way of bringing to light things you ought to know but never thought of. And then she has the solution—the right technique, the shrewd perspective, the available alternatives—and knows how to convey it all in a way that is easy to absorb. The Devi demonstration raised our awareness and made us think. Everyone walked away from it having learned something valuable and new.”

Tia BiasiGrace Church Alumni Gathering: Things You Didn’t Learn in School

“Teja Van Wicklen has vast self-defense knowledge and martial arts experience. She’s dedicated her life to her quest to keep women and families safe.”

Erik KondoFounder - Not-me.org
JB MillerEmmy-Award-Winning Producer, President & CEO of Empire Entertainment

The most important thing I’ve learned about relationship boundaries is to look at what someone does from day 1, and not assume that those behaviours are exceptional. As women, we tend to make up a lot of excuses about why someone did something we didn’t like, and then we don’t communicate our boundaries / make decisions about them soon enough. I’m not saying this will necessarily avoid rape, but it does help avoid being alone with someone who ultimately doesn’t respect you.

CarolineStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense

This is a subject I feel v strongly about, as I have a young son, but have also experienced violence & abuse from males both within & outside of my family.

I feel that if we are ever going to prevent violent crimes, including rape, against women, we MUST have committed, decent, strong, gutsy, courageous, brave Men on our side. These sort of Men are of the traditional Warrior ilk in every regard and they operate not from a place of fear, but from a place of Love.

Every Man I have known or read about who has perpetuated violence against a Woman has come from, deep down, a place of fear & low self-worth…so the violence has been acted out as a power thing (& I know this is not a new revelation); but if we can tune into the decent, strong Men (& i’m talking strong here in as in strong of character & in who they are as real Men) and get them on side, to not only put their hands up & say ‘I am against violence against women’ but to stand up & say something on the job site when some Yobbo is slagging off a girl walking past, or making some derogatory sexual comment to get a laugh from the boys, then that’s where it will really count…calling out fellow blokes’ bad attitude to women when he’s amongst blokes & not just when he may be around women or a mixed audience – A true Warrior has to challenge violence against women in all environs & contexts!…& he needs other Warrior Men to back him up too. There is a great quote – which I can’t remember exactly how it goes, but it is something along the lines of “Bad things only happen when good men do nothing.

Women cannot stop Violence against women on their own.

TaraStudent of the Secrets Of Women’s Self Defense